USB Powered, no external adapter needed!

Pocket Science Lab doesn't need any external power source to use!
All you need to do is to attach it to the phone via OTG if you are using the mobile app and directly to your laptop's USB port if you are using the Linux app.

Wide range of supported sensors

Pocket Science Lab can support a number of sensors and display the data in the app. 
We know that there's quite a number of sensors on the market that are commonly used so we have gathered feedback and will be working to increase the range of sensors.

Education Kit

Yes! We also provide a kit for education purposes! As self-explanatory as the name given to the kit, the kit contains sensors that are more commonly used in schools and institutions and relevant to the teaching materials.

The kit also contains some experiments that we have improvised after conducting multiple workshops in various schools. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your education kit now!

We are fully open-source!

Pocket Science Lab is an fully open source hardware. 
The hardware's schematics are all available online and can be downloaded anytime. The bill of materials are also provided in the repository as well.

 Our software, the Android and Linux desktop app are also open-source as well. This means that if you have a Pocket Science Lab with you, you can modify the apps to suit your requirements.

Our dedicated and hardworking team!

Our core team are mainly located in Germany, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India.

We also attribute the existence of Pocket Science Lab with the hard work given by the open-source community around the globe.

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