Tiny but powerful.

What is Pocket Science Lab?

It is an Open Source tiny pocket science lab that provides an array of test and measurement instruments for doing science and engineering experiments.
It can be easily extended with various types of sensors and also controlled by our Android app or Linux Desktop app.

Who is it for?

It can be used by anyone! Teachers, students, hobbyists, citizen scientists, you name it.

What can it do?

It can function as a..



Wave Generator

and many more without the need of programming because we provide it with the software!

Specifications Overview

4-Channel up to 2MSPS Oscilloscope. Software selectable amplification stages
12-bit Voltmeter with programmable gain. Input ranges from +/-10 mV to +/-16 V
3x 12-bit Programmable voltage sources +/-3.3 V,+/-5V,0-3 V
12-bit Programmable current source. 0-3.3 mA
Supports Advanced Plugins/Add-on Modules
4-Channel, 4 MHz, Logic Analyzer
2x Sine/Triangular wave generators. 5 Hz to 5 KHz. Manual amplitude control for SI1
4x PWM generators. 15 nS resolution. Up to 8 MHz
Capacitance Measurement. pF to uF range
I2C, SPI, UART data buses for Accel/gyros/humidity/temperature modules etc

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